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AD001AUM, a Meditation in Sound€ 15,00
AD002Mantra as the core of Meditation

7 lezingen (MP3). Mantra the expansion of energy, Mantra and the meditative life, Mantra and the nature of Self, Mantra as the skill in living, Mala, the meaning and use, Mantra meditation
€ 20,00
AD003Superconscious meditation

6 lezingen (MP3) Geavanceerde meditaties, lezingen en oefeningen.
€ 15,00
AD004Systems of Meditation

A comparison of meditative systems, the differences and oneness of meditation systems.
€ 15,00
AD005Guided Mindstream and Prana Meditation

Subtle and extensive step-by-step meditation.
€ 15,00
AD006Meditation as Therapy - Heal Thyself€ 10,00
AD007Guided Meditation Mindstream and Prana

Subtle and extensive step-by-step meditation.
€ 12,00
AD008Brainwaves and Meditation

Yoga and Science
€ 15,00
AD009Brain, Cells, Mind, Mindfield, Atman€ 15,00
AD010Strength of mind in Meditation€ 10,00
AD011Meditate with the Himalayan Masters

5 CD’s met boekje. Een in de studio opgenomen cursus meditatie. Een stap-voor-stap oefening met uitleg.
€ 69,00
AD012Life with meditation€ 10,00
AD013Mandukya Upanishad - An experience of OM

11 uur filosofie en oefeningen. Lezingen, ontspanningsoefeningen met OM, staten van bewustzijn, en meditaties.
€ 15,00
AD014Meditations from the Upanishads

Lezingen en zeldzame meditaties in de traditie van de Upanishaden. 7 uitgebreide lezingen - 10½ uur.
€ 15,00
AD015The Vedas, Western Philosophy & Upanishads

4 lezingen over de Veda’s, de Upanishaden en Westerse Filosofie.
€ 15,00

Een combinatie van 4 CD's (20 lezingen)over de Veda’s, Upanishaden, Westerse Filosofie, Samkhya Filosofie en de Yoga Sutra’s.
€ 49,00
AD017The Samkhya Phylosophy

4 essentiële lezingen over de filosofie die zo belangrijk is in de yoga.
€ 15,00
AD018The Yoga Sutras 1.1 - 1.51 of Patanjali

Hoofdstuk 1 over Samadhi/Verlichting. 12 lezingen – 8 uur.
€ 20,00
AD019The Yoga Sutras 2.1 – 2.55 of Patanjali

14 lezingen – ruim 8 uur. Hoofdstuk 2 over Sadhana/Beoefening
€ 20,00

Hoofstuk 1 en 2 van Patanjali gecombineerd.
€ 36,00
AD021Raja Yoga -The Yamas and the Niyamas

3 lezingen (MP3)
€ 15,00
AD022Attitudes in Yoga,

6 lezingen. Yamas, Yamas and Relaxation, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi
€ 15,00
AD023Philosophy of Hatha Yoga

9 lezingen - 10 uur. Yoga is often presented as physical exercises, but in ancient traditions and texts of yoga, it is a movement and buy premarin online the energyfield, around which the configuration of the body is built and moves.
€ 15,00
AD024Feel your Breath - varieties of breath awareness

Processes of selfawareness to merge emotions into serenity
€ 15,00
The Breath Set “Feeling your Breath”

CD1 Varieties of Breath awareness - Swami Veda Bharati

CD2 Breath, Relaxation, Meditation - Swami Ritavan Bharati

CD3 Subtleties of Pranayama Practices – Maya
€ 29,00
AD026Advanced relaxation€ 15,00
AD027Yoga Nidra Guided Practice Sequence

4 lezingen. Extensive Practices and explanations in 4 lectures
€ 15,00
AD028Yoga Nidra Exercise€ 12,00
AD029Yoga Nidra SET

Op 2 DVD’s en 2 CD’s geeft Swami Veda uitleg over Yoga Nidra en instrueert Yoga Nidra in een ‘stap-voor-stap’ cursus.
€ 39,00
AD030Kundalini and chakras

2 lezingen (MP3)
€ 15,00
AD031Pranas and Koshas

3 lezingen (MP3)
€ 15,00
AD032Kundalini and the Seven Centers of Consciousness€ 15,00
AD033Bhuti Suddhi & Papa Purusha

Een lezing over de chakra’s en de zuivering van het subtiele lichaam, een traditionele kundalini-oefening.
€ 15,00
AD034Yogas of Life

Jnana, Karma en Bhakti Yoga
€ 15,00
AD035Yogas of Discipline

Hatha, Laya, Nada, Kundalini Yoga
€ 15,00
AD036Introduction to Yoga Texts€ 10,00
AD037Philosophy of Yoga in Action

De werkelijke kennis van de Bhagavad Gita
€ 15,00
AD038Counseling according to the Bhagavad Gita

Meer dan 6 uur lezingen over hoe de Bhagavad Gita je kan leiden in je dagelijks leven en je spirituele ontwikkeling.
€ 15,00
AD039Yoga Conception of God

4 lezingen (MP3)
€ 15,00
AD041Atma Tattvalokanam

Lezing en meditatie over het observeren van het Zelf door het Zelf. Hoe vind je Atman.
€ 15,00
AD042Emotions as acts of will/volition (9 lectures - MP3)

9 lezingen (MP3) About the expansion of Consciousness and the use of emotions as power of will.
€ 15,00
Marks of spiritual progress

20 lezingen (MP3) Een spirituele reis.
€ 15,00
AD044Blueprint for Life

How to design your life: what to do & what to become (not be)
€ 15,00
AD045Practical Psychology of Karma and Reincarnation€ 15,00
AD046Uncovering the Secrets of Lasting Relationships€ 15,00
AD047Yoga in daily life

10 lezingen (MP3) How to integrate yoga practice into your daily life and possible stages of life for spiritual growth and self development.
€ 15,00
AD048Unblocking Yourself

7 uur lezingen. Series of lectures with analysis how we block ourselves and what we can do about it. Learn how to break through our blockages in both a spiritual and practical way.
€ 15,00
AD049Pain Management

What is pain - psychologically, philosophically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? How can meditation deal with the pain(s) we have?
€ 12,00
AD050Subtle body, Pain and Mind

3 lezingen (MP3)
€ 15,00

4 CD’s gecombineerd.
€ 39,00
AD052Intuitive Knowledge

Lezing: How to open and direct the channel of intuition
€ 10,00
AD053Refining the negative emotions€ 10,00
AD054Convergences and Confluences€ 10,00
AD055Yoga and Systems of Yoga & Yogas of Life 6 lezingen (MP3)€ 15,00
AD056How to Council Yourself

4 lezingen. Androgony, Introduction to Yoga Texts, Heaven and Hell
€ 15,00
AD057Beginning Class Orientation

4 lezingen (MP3) Rules, methods, maxims
€ 15,00
AD058Contemplative Reading of “The Gospel of St Matthew”

2 CD’s (MP3)
€ 20,00